Best Vlogging Cameras

Vlogging has become a huge part of a lot of people’s lives in the digital age, with most of us going live or recording selfies of ourselves at some point.

However, some of us don’t want to stop there. For those of us who want to explore the world of vlogging more professionally, it’s important to acquire a reliable camera with a great framerate and resolution so that we can produce the highest quality content possible to us.

Social media users have come to expect a certain quality of video.

The problem lies in where to start. You might find yourself asking, “What camera do YouTubers use?” , and not being able to find an answer that suits your needs.

So with that being said, in no particular order, here are some of the best vlogging camera’s out there just now.

GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro has been making massive rounds in the video capture scene for a while now, and for great reason!

GoPro’s are compact, and can be attached to almost anything, serving as a dashcam in cars, or a method for capturing footage during an intense bicycling session. The fantastic built-in image stabilization means you’ll rarely ever see that horrible screen tearing effect that you might find in other cameras.

With the Hero 5, despite its lightweight nature, it still manages to pull off 4K capture, with waterproof casing, and an outstanding battery life. They’re generally considered indestructible and can be used for anything tame, as well as more intense scenarios!

If you’re looking to vlog your adventures, you really can’t go wrong with a GoPro!

Nikon D3400

While this camera certainly isn’t as compact as a GoPro, or many other cameras’ out there for that matter, what it does do exceptionally well is take consistently gorgeous photos and videos every time.

Unlike some other camera’s, it literally takes perfect pictures at the click of a button. While it offers settings and software that help you customise your pictures and exactly what you want to capture, the best feature about it is that it’s just ready to go.

With its front facing microphones also, it means you capture your voice clearly in any situation if your using it to speak into the lens, which you’ll most likely be doing as a vlogger. Being directional microphones, it also cuts out some of that annoying background noise you can get with other devices, saving you investing in noise cancelling technology.

For a Nikon vlogging camera, this camera consistently hits the mark every time. Check why?


If you’re looking for something with a little more power behind it, and completely up to scratch as one of the best vlogging camera’s out there, then you need look no further.

This camera boasts an impressive 4K capture, is lightweight, and has a portion of the camera that you can flip out to see what’s being recorded. This allows you to see what you look like while your recording, removing some of the guesswork that can come with vlogging!

The codecs it uses to convert the video file to appropriate format can be tailored dependent on whether you want to use it for recording and editing later, or whether you want to broadcast live (yes, it allows that!) as the codecs built-in are AVCHDand MP4 respectively.

It’s not as compact as some other camera’s out there in the market, but its sturdiness and reliability more than make up for that.

You don’t have to have the best vlogging camera if you’re just starting out, but knowing the right kind of camera to get can be a massive help, giving you the confidence you need as you start your journey. If you’re already a veteran, then you’ll know – one of these cameras should be the perfect thing for your vlogging needs. Watch more:


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