The 5 Best Vlogging Equipment Essentials for Beginners

It feels nice to smile in front of video camera and make that first video blog. It becomes better when you upload it in YouTube and it manages to it 100,000 or even 1000 viewers. Vlogging is an interesting and productive activity but it is never easy. Making that proper, clear and audible video requires that you have the right equipment. So if you are a beginner looking to make it big in video blogging or “vlogging” it is important that have at hand the best equipment essentials.  Here are the best 5 best vlogging equipment essentials for beginners that can help you make it.


There is nothing important equipment for making vlogs than a microphone. It is essential to be audible and clear in your videos. Apart from having the best vlogging camera, having a clear and audible microphone is very important. Your views need to hear you well and understand what you are saying. A bad sound is bad business for vlogging and the best microphone is the one that suppresses background noise and allows you to be audible and clear as possible. There are many types of microphones that you can use to produce a good sound including even USB microphones


A camera is another important equipment essential that you require to vlog. For any channel that you may need to start, the camera is the most important equipment that connects you with subscribers.  Now the second most important thing is having the camera with the best recording quality. The quality of the camera will be significant in making clear and visual entertaining videos that will attract subscribers and viewers. Now the question most beginners ask is what camera do youtubers use? The Nikon vlogging camera provides the quality and visual rarity that is needed to make the best videos in youtube


Lighting provides an added balance for quality and a professional look to your videos. Lighting is therefore the foundation of youtube videos, since even if you may have the canon vlog camera that provides the best quality; lighting gives the videos a health and professional look. With proper lightning you can be able to get away with poor video quality and presentation.


A backdrop also provides your vlog with a serious and professional look. A backdrop will provide you will the cover in background that will resonate with your blog. A backdrop is not needed when you are making a video that is natural and shows natural background. But those who are looking for something different, a professional loom that provide a serious background and an opportunity to introduce text in the video, then a vlog comes in handy

Ring Light

Every serous vlogger will require a ring light in videos to remove shadows from the face of subject and replace with a soft and even light. Even with the best canon vlog camera, shadows can appear and it is important that video subjects are able to shine.

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